Gabriel Chauri

Presenting: Game Design Thinking

Hi dear readers.

As you can see, I’ve not been se active in the last months. As you can suppose, many things have happened since my last post. The world stopped for a few months, so many of my plans.
Using some free time, I started a project that I had for years on pause. I started Game Design Thinking, a YouTube channel to spread the knowledge about Game Design techniques and Game Analysis. I’ve also created an Udemy course, specially suited for beginners. That’s why many of the posts that were previously here, are now on the YouTube channel.

So, if you want more information about Game Design, you can follow me on Game Design Thinking YouTube channel. I will try to upload new essays here, but I can’t promise nothing on the short-term.

Have a great end of the year and I hope that everything get better.

Good Design!

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